Lieutenant Michael Seraphrim Terran Empire Mecha Defense Force Diemos

As a the oldest child of a very old house that dates its investiture back to the founding of the Empire, Lieturant Seraphim is a top mecha pilot of a family known for it's quanum-free genes.


*Michael Seraphim

Male; Age: 25; Height: 5’ 8"; Weight: 175 lb.
Power Level 5, 131 PP; Abilities 60 + Powers 0 + Advantages 37 + Skills
34 (67 ranks) + Defenses 0
Strength 3 Agility 4 Fighting 4
Stamina 4 Dexterity 4 Intellect 4
Awareness 3
Presence 4
Attack Name Attack Bonus & Resistance DC Notes
Offense Initiative: +20
Attractive 2 Circumstance bonus to interaction based on your looks.
Benefit, Security Clearance: Top Secret Gain a significant perquisite or fringe benefit.
Benefit, Status 2: Lieutenant Gain a significant perquisite or fringe benefit.
Benefit, Status 4: Count Gain a significant perquisite or fringe benefit.
Benefit, Wealth 4 (multimillionare) Gain a significant perquisite or fringe benefit.
Connected Call in assistance or favors with a Persuasion check.
Contacts Make an initial Investigation check in one minute.
Defensive Attack Trade attack bonus for active defense bonus.
Defensive Roll +1 active defense bonus to Toughness per rank.
Fearless Immune to fear effects.
Improved Aim Double circumstance bonuses for aiming.
Improved Defense +2 bonus to active defense when you take the defend action.
Improved Initiative 4 +4 bonus to initiative checks per rank.
Inspire 2 Spend a hero point to grant allies a +1 circumstance bonus per rank.
Instant Up Stand from prone as a free action.
Languages 4 Speak and understand additional languages.
Leadership Spend a hero point to remove a condition from an ally.
Luck 2 Re-roll a die roll once per rank.
Power Attack Trade attack bonus for effect bonus.
Prone Fighting No penalties for fighting while prone.
Well-informed Immediate Investigation or Persuasion check to know something.
Base Movement Speed – 2 miles/hour, 30 feet/round (run 4 miles/hour, 60 feet/round; swim 0.5
miles/hour, 6 feet/round)
Routine Jump Distance – Running jump: 18 ft.; standing: 9 ft.; vertical: 3.6 ft.; standing vert.: 1.8
Throwing Distance – Throw 1600 lbs. 6 feet; throw 400 lbs. 30 feet; throw 100 lbs. 120 feet
Dodge 4
Parry 4
Fortitude 4
Toughness 5/4
Will 3
Hero Points: 1

Relationship Hannah Seraphim- unhappy marriage.
Responsibility Heir to a title and Lieutenant in the SDF
Rivalry Gabriel Mephistopholes.
Background Information
Languages: English, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Terran
Total Ability Other

Acrobatics +6 2 4
Athletics +8 5 3
Deception +6 2 4
Expertise: PIlot Mecha +14 10 4
Insight +5 2 3
Intimidation +7 3 4
Investigation +5 1 4
Perception +6 3 3
Persuasion +5 1 4
Sleight of Hand +6 2 4
Stealth +5 1 4
Technology +10 6 4
Treatment +6 2 4
Vehicles +15 11 4


Michael was born and raised in Cambridge England from a very old Noble Family that has faithfully served the Empire since the founding. He was educated in Eton and Cambridge where he developed a rivalry with a common boy named Gabriel Mephistopholes, from Mars. They two competed in everything and the rivalry was fierce.

However it was most fierce over affections of Lady Hannah Tannenbaum of House Tannenbaum. At first it seemed that Michael had lost that competition as the Lady had agreed to marry Gabriel, but on the night before the wedding, things changed. A chaste kiss turned to something else and the next morning, Gabriel found the two in a lovers’ embrace in the Lady’s bed. Without a word, the young martian turned on his heel and walked out without saying a word.

Michael and Hannah were married but the the fire of the competition has gone out of the relationship, and Michael has his own feelings of regret. With the birth of their first born Gabrielle, the relationship has settled down in to domestic toleration if not bliss. Michael is second in command of the Mech Squadrons on Diemos and Hannah and Gabrielle live in Olympus Mons City.

Things have become more difficult for Michael when Gabriel- now an Ensign has been assigned to the new SDF-1 Strike Team working off Diemos.

Lieutenant Michael Seraphrim Terran Empire Mecha Defense Force Diemos

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